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American McGee is a games designer from the United States of America.


Once, when asked where he got his unusual name, he answered, "My mom smoked pot. She was a hippie. I'm not sure how else to put that." On his website, American had this to say of the matter: "She claims a woman she knew in college, who named her daughter 'America', inspired the name. She also tells me that she was thinking of naming me 'Obnard'. She was and always has been a very eccentric and creative person."

McGee began his career at id Software. He was a level designer and part of the programming staff for such games as Doom, Doom II, Quake, and Quake II. In 1998, he moved to Electronic Arts, where he worked as a consultant on many projects and also created his own game, American McGee's Alice. After finishing Alice, he left Electronic Arts and founded his own company, The Mauretania Import Export Company, which he is president of.

McGee has produced the games Scrapland, American McGee's Grimm and American McGee's Bad Day L.A.. Another game McGee is producing; American McGee's Oz, has been put on hold, which McGee attributes to a lack of interest at game publishing houses for new ideas and products without established market names. In order to get a publisher, McGee has decided to try and sell the game as a film before actually finishing it. He plans to write the script for the Oz films, which is said to be a trilogy that will be produced by The Walt Disney Company and Jerry Bruckheimer. Oz is only in the development stage and no official announcements have been made regarding the films. The same applies to the Alice film. While McGee has had no control of Alice and only limited control of Oz, he expects to exercise more control over Grimm, which is still in the conceptual stages of development.

His stated mission is "to create a unified production method for story telling across the interactive and film industries" and of himself, he says, "I want to be the next Walt Disney, only a little more wicked."

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