Clan Delta


Clan Delta was a prominent Doom clan that originated on Doom Connector in October, 2004. Eventually, ElitePrime (the founder), Devin, ItalianStallion, and Saph co-led the clan. Although Delta played many source ports, Skulltag was their preference. A handful of members mapped and played cooperative games, yet deathmatch grew into the prime mode of play, and the tag "<C-D>" was used in matches. Membership steeply rose to around two dozen within several months; however, internal disputes caused the clan to disband in March 2005. Once disbanded, some of the members continued to contribute to the Doom community: submerge went on to create Doom Levels; Rivecoder went on to program and lead Skulltag; and GhostlyDeath went on to start ReMooD. Nautilus, ElitePrime's brother, entered the multiplayer scene the month the clan died to eventually join UD and involve himself in various map projects.

[edit] Former Members