Doom Classic Complete


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Doom Classic Complete, released November 20, 2012, is a download package on the PlayStation Network and Steam containing The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels for Doom II, and Final Doom. It is sold for $14.99, £11.99 or €14.99 on PSN depending on the user's current location and for $14.99, £9.99 or 14.99€ on Steam.

Included games[edit]

The PSN release utilizes an engine similar to that used in Doom 3: BFG Edition, the IWADs have been modified (pill instead of red cross, Wolfenstein 3D elements censored), and the Master Levels are ordered in sequence to form a 21-level episode.

In the Steam release, the included games have unmodified data and run using their original DOS engines emulated in DOSBox.

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