Doom II music


All of Doom II's music was composed by Robert Prince.

Track nameMIDILevelsLengthInspiration / base
Running From EvilD_RUNNINMAP01: Entryway03:49Megadeth - Hangar 18
D_RUNNI2MAP15: Industrial Zone
The Healer StalksD_STALKSMAP02: Underhalls04:51Atheist - Samba Briza
D_STLKS2MAP11: Circle of Death
D_STLKS3MAP17: Tenements
Countdown to DeathD_COUNTDMAP03: The Gantlet03:49
D_COUNT2MAP21: Nirvana
Between LevelsD_BETWEEMAP04: The Focus02:34Wolfenstein 3D - Zero Hour (E6M4/E6M8 music)
DOOMD_DOOMMAP05: The Waste Tunnels04:18
D_DOOM2MAP13: Downtown
In the DarkD_THE_DAMAP06: The Crusher06:57
D_THEDA2MAP12: The Factory
D_THEDA3MAP24: The Chasm
Shawn's got the ShotgunD_SHAWNMAP07: Dead Simple04:17Slayer - South of Heaven
D_SHAWN2MAP19: The Citadel
D_SHAWN3MAP29: The Living End
The Dave D. Taylor BluesD_DDTBLUMAP08: Trick and Traps04:59
D_DDTBL2MAP14: The Inmost Dens
D_DDTBL3MAP22: The Catacombs
Into Sandy's CityD_IN_CITMAP09: The Pit04:39Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
The Demon's DeadD_DEADMAP10: Refuelling Base04:23Black Sabbath - After All (The Dead)
D_DEAD2MAP16: Suburbs
Waiting for Romero to PlayD_ROMEROMAP18: The Courtyard05:06Pantera - This Love
D_ROMER2MAP27: Monster Condo
Message for the ArchvileD_MESSAGMAP20: Gotcha!04:38Slayer - Skeletons of Society
D_MESSG2MAP26: The Abandoned Mines
Bye bye American PieD_AMPIEMAP23: Barrels o' Fun01:38Alice in Chains - Them Bones
Adrian's AsleepD_ADRIANMAP25: Bloodfalls01:55Alice in Chains - Angry Chair
Getting too TenseD_TENSEMAP28: The Spirit World04:42
Opening to HellD_OPENINMAP30: Icon of Sin04:39
Evil IncarnateD_EVILMAP31: Wolfenstein01:11Spear of Destiny - MAP21 music
Cast sequence
The Ultimate Challenge/ConquestD_ULTIMAMAP32: Grosse01:18Wolfenstein 3D - Going after Hitler (E3M9/E6M9 music)
untitledD_DM2TTLTitle music00:16
untitledD_DM2INTIntermission music02:52
untitledD_READ_MText screen music04:47

[edit] Trivia

  • "The Dave D. Taylor Blues", which is present thrice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:
Lump namesSizeCRC-32
D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3648086ab6cf4e
One audible difference between the two is a cymbal crash at the very beginning of the song, absent from D_DDTBLU.

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