id Super Pack


id Super Pack was a download package on Steam containing all classic id Software PC titles as well as several games by Raven Software. It was sold for $69.99, 69,99€ or £37.99 depending on the user's current location. It was a super set of both Doom Pack Complete and Heretic + Hexen Collection. During the summer 2012 sales, it was replaced by a "Super Id Software Pack" that also contained Rage and Quake 4, but when the summer sales ended, the "Super Id Software Pack" was discontinued without reinstating the Id Super Pack.

[edit] Included Doom or Doom-engine games

[edit] Other games included

Noticeable omissions include Heretic II and Hexen II: Portals of Praevus, both of which were developed and published without involvement from id Software; Netpack I: Extremities for Quake II, which was an official compilation of fan content; and Keen Dreams, which was developed for Softdisk.

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