Plutonia MIDI Pack


The Plutonia MIDI Pack is a full soundtrack replacement for The Plutonia Experiment, released on 8 October 2013. It is vanilla compatible in the sense that all tracks can be played back in vanilla Doom. An optional add-on WAD for ZDoom based ports uses an ACS script to display the track name and its respective author at the start of a level. The separate MIDI files are also included, alongside some unused tracks.

Development history[edit]

The project was initiated in March 2013 by James Paddock (Jimmy), who had the idea that one of the greatest divides between Plutonia and TNT: Evilution - the other half of Final Doom - was that the latter had its own soundtrack for the most part, while the former used Doom and Doom II music tracks exclusively. The idea of the project was well received, and after just over a month, in April 2013, an alpha version was released. This was followed by a beta release in July, and a final release in October.


  • MAP31: "Cry of Desperation" by Eris Falling
  • MAP32: "Plunge Saw" by Bucket


These tracks were submitted to the project, but did not make the final cut:

An edited version of "Escape" by Bucket is also included in the pack.

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