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Hello there, my name is Jarmo Ranta. [Yur-mo' Run-ta']

I'm just a random Finnish fan of the games that use the Doom technology. Having received plenty of new information from The Doom Wiki, I've attempted to give some back by filling the articles with my knowledge if possible. I wish to thank all the editors for their efforts.



Among miscellaneous stuff, I have so far ...

  • verified and updated the Compet-N record tables of Doom, Doom II, Plutonia and Requiem. (1,046 demos on 139 pages)
  • enhanced the Compet-N player pages by adding the speedrunners' level records of Doom, Doom II and Plutonia.
  • deepened the ACS article by introducing some of the action specials and basic effects from Hexen.
  • told about the first appearances of the weapons in Heretic.
  • marked the voice actors to the relevant Strife character pages.
  • added the map data to the level pages of both Heretic and Hexen. (+ 11 Strife levels)
  • added thorough thing data to the level pages of the three original episodes of Heretic. (E1M1's data by Draconio)
  • taken the screenshots in Doom II articles 02, 05, 08, 14, 17, 23, 26 & 29 and written their captions.
  • written short descriptions of the puzzles in the hubs 3 - 5 of Hexen for the article Puzzle item.


In addition, I've started the following articles and written a considerable share of their content.

--Jartapran 13:41, 16 March 2014 (UTC)