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S    E    M    I    –    W    I    K    I    B    R    E    A    K

Not as drastic as before [1], but I still tend to disappear just as you ask a question [2].

It's the last push to finally clear up the real-life mess.  Then, if I'm still useful here, I'll at least have the option of increased activity.

I'm not sure how long this will take, but I'm likely not available for mass edits, or symposia on #doomwiki, or anything much beyond wandering past the computer now and then.  If I perform an edit or admin action which is clearly boneheaded, please just reverse it and we can talk later.  Thank you!!

Ryan W 15:57, 06 May 2016 (CDT)

This is a Doom Wiki user page.

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Happy anniversary to me. [3]

I was extremely active on the Doom Wiki for four years.  Subsequently it got larger, more visible, and more aware of gamers' preference for misinformed banter.  Thus the 2006 approach of slapping together rough cut material is a dinosaur; even boring cleanup can obstruct a larger project in progress.  I think I'm slowly learning how to contribute positively in this new landscape.

To-do list

  • Uncapitalize "monster species" names

Places I want to help, but needing further research

  • User:Quasar/SEO  on second thought, non-experts apparently just get in the way here [4]
  • Establish basic pending changes guidelines
  • "Portal" articles for each core topic (gameplay, community, technical...), eventually effecting a simplified redesign of Entryway
  • Things and terrain features in the classic series: clear and complete data sections, segregate vanilla from post-millennial and facts from schoolroom doodles
  • Improved combat statistics, and related quantities like ROFs and average walking speeds

Areas I hope to see documented by experts, before they all have kids and deny ever playing Doom

  • Deathmatch tutorials; strategy sections in all map articles
  • Exhaustive index of modding topics, whether covered here or on a port-specific site
  • History of community gathering places, old web sites, FTP archives
  • Speedrunning: tricks, competition history, analysis of player styles, the legacies of "Doomgods" from various eras

Terms from Doctor Who that I overuse and probably should be reverted

Season 12:  absorb, ampoule, carthorse, constitution, countersigned, fail-safe, ham-fisted, infirmary, subsidence

Season 18:  annihilation/annihilate, anomaly/anomalous, anticlockwise, automatically, calcified, cheeseboard, consul, dodecahedron, enquiries, hysteresis/hysteretic, nexus, out of phase, wild catastrophe

User:Doggerel is my alternate account for testing MediaWiki stuff.

WMBarnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
For doing a lot of work on various articles that I would personally find very repetative to do personally. (All I see in recent changes at times are your edits) Thank you. TheDarkArchon 02:35, 28 January 2007 (UTC)