20th Anniversary Doom Challenge

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Left to right: 3rd place winner DemonSphere; promotional model; Adam Pyle; 1st place winner JKist3; Tim Willits; 2nd place winner DevastatioN.

The 20th Anniversary Doom Challenge was an event organized by id Software and Bethesda as part of the 2013 twentieth anniversary of Doom, and took place as part of the QuakeCon 2013 convention in Dallas, Texas. It was announced on June 5, 2013,[1] and was held at the Hilton Anatole between Thursday, August 1, 2013, and Saturday, August 3, 2013. Registration was on-site only, on August 1 at the convention center. Players were allowed to enter on a "first come, first served" basis.

The grand prize for first place of $1000 was taken by Jefferson Kist (JKist3). The top three winners also received a commemorative Doom II trophy designed by frequent QuakeCon award designer Cobalt.

Format and schedule[edit]

Sixteen free-for-all matches were used to qualify 32 players for a single elimination tournament bracket. The following bracket matches were conducted in a best-of-three format. Each match was scheduled to last for 30 minutes. Some events were streamed on a limited basis on Twitch by production company FACEIt. Commentary was provided by Xavier "ZoOt" Dhorne and Alex "Jehar" Popa.

All game play was undertaken using the Odamex 0.6.3 source port. The following maps were part of the tournament map pool:

Grand Final: JKist3 vs DevastatioN
Bronze Final: DemonSphere vs DevastatioN
Thursday, August 1
Time Match
14:00 CST Group A & B Free-for-all
14:45 CST Group C & D Free-for-all
15:30 CST Group E & F Free-for-all
16:15 CST Group G & H Free-for-all
Friday, August 2
Time Match
11:00 CST Duel Section 1 Round 1
11:30 CST Duel Section 1 Round 2
12:00 CST Duel Section 1 Round 3
13:00 CST Duel Section 2 Round 1
13:30 CST Duel Section 2 Round 2
14:00 CST Duel Section 2 Round 3
15:00 CST Duel Section 3 Round 1
15:15 CST Duel Section 4 Round 1
15:30 CST Duel Section 3 Round 2
15:45 CST Duel Section 4 Round 2
16:00 CST Duel Section 3 Round 3
16:15 CST Duel Section 4 Round 3
Saturday, August 3
Time Match
12:30 CST Semi-Final A
12:30 CST Semi-Final B
13:00 CST Bronze Final
17:00 CST[notes 1] Grand Final


  1. Delayed until approximately 17:45 by Tim Willits, t-shirt tossing, and sponsored game event.


DemonSphere's third place trophy on display.

The final standings of the tournament were as follows:

Place Winner
1st Jefferson Kist (JKist3)
2nd Chris Felix (DevastatioN)
3rd DemonSphere
4th Rude
5th/6th (Tie) Dominus, Theshooter7



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