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30,000 Levels
Title screen
Author Doomguy 2000
Port ZDoom
Year 2012
Link Doomworld/idgames

30,000 Levels is a joke WAD by Doomguy 2000. Weighing in at 9.83 MB, this WAD contains 30,000 levels each consisting of a square room with an exit switch directly in front of the player. The primary concept is to test the player's patience in repeatedly hitting the use key. This WAD includes custom sounds and music, menu graphics, and a modified text ending, with music changing each level until level 100. Afterward, the music only changes every 100 levels.

The custom cast call features monsters from Warzone, although never seen in game.

Originally, 30,000 Levels was planned to contain, and be named, 100,000 Levels, but this was eventually abandoned, owing to all resources being duplicated up to 46,000 times before the author began to experience crashes.


As with Doomguy 2000's previous modifications, 30,000 Levels was poorly received. Despite many duplicate entries, the file size totals up to nearly ten megabytes with an extraordinarily long load time. While some were impressed by the fact that source ports could handle so many lumps,[citation needed] the novelty quickly wore thin. Though the author billed it as "a test of one's boredom," most critics agreed that it "was not worth even that."[citation needed] The scant modifications beyond the maps have been criticized for once again being juvenile humor, coming across as more irritating than funny. Despite it also being a critical failure, the author included several resources from Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition in the WAD for use in the ending without explanation. This type of ending and some of its scant modifications were used once again in the next Doomguy's Warzone release that came out the following month.

Sequels and spin off[edit]

Heaven is a sequel to 30,000 Levels and prequel to the third installment in the Doomguy's Warzone series. It is just a sky level, with the player trapped in an invisible tiny box. The only way to win is to cheat. This WAD also contained copyrighted content and was purged from the idgames archive. As soon as Doomguy discovered that it was removed, he then decided to re-upload it without the infringing material. The secret level in Beyond Reality pays tribute to Heaven.

Millennia Invasion pays tribute to both 30,000 Levels and its sequel, Heaven. The WAD's story also suggests that it might take place during the 30,000 Levels timeline.

Five years later, the author himself built his own gaming PC and was able to create the type of WAD he wanted to create back then called 100,000 Levels, released in 2017.


On May 10, 2024, Santtu Pesonen (MFG38) submitted a D2All speedrun of 30,000 Levels to the Doom Speed Demo Archive.[1] The run, clocking in at 1 hour and 12 seconds, is tool-assisted, done with the help of a key press automation program. According to the demo's text file, MFG38 "experimented with the delay between key presses to make this as fast as possible - 56ms turned out to be the sweet spot". This is ostensibly the world's first speedrun of the wad.



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