32in24-8: DWANGO2008

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32in24-8: DWANGO2008
Title screen
Authors Various (YEDS)
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2008
Link Doomworld/idgames

32in24-8: DWANGO2008 is the eighth edition of the 32in24 series of PWADs, and the last before the series changed to an annual format of holding one session per year. It features 32 deathmatch levels all created entirely on 31 December, 2008, plus one extra map submitted four days late. In total, 36 maps were submitted to the project, with the 3 weakest maps being dropped from the final release.

Every level in the WAD is a remake of a map from either Doom or Doom II, redesigning them to be more suitable for deathmatch rather than single player, and featuring the same music used in the original level. This is a reference to the DWANGO WADs, which often included maps lifted from the IWADs, and this reference is highlighted in the WAD's eventual subtitle. The WAD was uploaded to the /idgames archive on 5 January, 2009, and was accepted, despite breaking one of the archive's rules disallowing modified IWAD maps.

An attempt at a potential eighth 32in24 (named "The Great Outdoors") was launched by Shaikoten some months before, on September 1, 2008. This project was not actually intended to be a 32in24, but aimed to create a set of ZDoom-format (rather than Boom) deathmatch maps in 24 hours, and featured a resource WAD named 32in24-8-tex. The project attracted some attention, but ultimately only gathered a single submission, from TheMionicDonut.



Map Author Base
MAP01: Contagion Purifier Brett Harrell (Mechadon) E1M3
MAP02: Kids in the Underhalls Matt Cibulas (RottKing) MAP02
MAP03: Baby Satan's Blood Gantlet Przemek Zimny (alterworldruler) MAP03
MAP04: Out of Focus Conor Maddin (ClonedPickle) MAP04
MAP05: The Taste Tunnels Sarah Mancuso (esselfortium) MAP05
MAP06: Nutcrusher Kim Bach (Torn) MAP06
MAP07: The Recycled Tunnels Stuart Rynn (stewboy) MAP05
MAP08: The Moon Rules #1 Revenant E1M4
MAP09: Fistfuck the CPU Kim Bach (Torn) E1M6
MAP10: Pineapple Fuel Conor Maddin (ClonedPickle) MAP10
MAP11: Ellipsoid of Evil YMB MAP11
MAP12: The Factor Stuart Rynn (stewboy) MAP12
MAP13: Probe Your Anomaly Conor Maddin (ClonedPickle) E1M8
MAP14: The Inmost Something Something TheMionicDonut MAP14
MAP15: FISTBOX AREA Shaikoten E2M2
MAP16: Deimos Lab 2: Electric Boogaloo zap610 E2M4
MAP17: The New Tenements Przemek Zimny (alterworldruler) MAP17
MAP18: The Courtyard Kids lockwolf MAP18
MAP19: Tower of Angry Doom Geeks Chris Kassap (lupinx-Kassman) E2M8
MAP20: Pandamoanium Shaikoten E3M3
MAP21: Kurt Cobain's Brain Eric Baker (The Green Herring) MAP21
MAP22: The Splatacombs Shaikoten MAP22
MAP23: Barrels of Half-Assed Copy-Pasted Abridged yet Somehow Wholesome Fun TheMionicDonut MAP23
MAP24: Aunt Jemima's House of Paincakes TheMionicDonut E3M4
MAP25: Return to Dis Brett Harrell (Mechadon) E3M8
MAP26: Heaven Above Paul Hiebert (Creaphis) E4M1
MAP27: They Won't Repent (They are Buddhist!) Shaikoten E4M5
MAP28: And Hell Failed TheMionicDonut E4M7
MAP29: The Dead End! Shaikoten MAP29
MAP30: Unto the Gruel Conor Maddin (ClonedPickle) E4M8
MAP31: Wolfensteinfeld zap610 MAP31
MAP32: Tim Willits' Left Nut Kim Bach (Torn) E4M9
MAP33: Deimos Monopoly Xaser E2M1

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