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Cover for the 3DO version of Doom
Cover for the 3DO version of Doom
A screenshot from the 3DO version of Doom

The 3DO version of Doom was published by Logicware and Art Data Interactive in 1995. The level set is similar to the Atari Jaguar version. This version is single player only.

Many fans consider this one of the worst, if not the worst, of the Doom console ports. It runs in a small screen at a low frame rate. The game offers six screen sizes, the largest two only being available via a cheat. The larger screen sizes suffer from a lower frame rate.

Its updated soundtrack, which features remixed versions of the original music, is considered its one redeeming feature.

The complete soundtrack is as follows:

Song PC Doom equivalent Where it is used
Demons on the prey E1M7 Title screen, Credits, Menus, Map 7, Map 18
At Doom's Gate E1M1 Intermission, Map 1, Map 12
The Imp's Song E1M2 Map 2, Map 13
Dark Halls E1M3 Map 3, Map 14
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) E1M4 Map 4, Map 15
Suspense E1M5 Map 5, Map 16
On The Hunt E1M6 Map 6, Map 17, Map 22
Sign Of Evil E1M8 Map 8, Map 23, Victory screen, Casting
I Sawed The Demons E2M1 Map 9, Map 19
Donna To The Rescue E3M2 Map 10, Map 20
Untitled E3M1 Map 11, Map 21
Hiding The Secrets E1M9 Map 24 (Secret map)

Available screen sizes:

Screen size 1
Screen size 2
Screen size 3
Screen size 4
Screen size 5 (cheat only)
Screen size 6 (cheat only)

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