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Title screen
Authors Various
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames

3x3 is a 29-level community megawad for Doom II and Boom-compatible source ports, led by MFG38. Running between December 23rd and 30th, 2020, participating mappers had to make maps under the following set of restrictions:

  • Only 3 wall textures per map. DOORBLU(2), DOORRED(2), DOORYEL(2) and EXITSIGN were excluded from the limitation as long as they were not used to circumvent the texture limit.
  • Only 3 flats per map. F_SKY1 was excluded from this limitation.
  • Only 3 monster types per map. Different monster types were allowed to be used across different skill levels.

The first version of the megawad was released on the Doomworld forums on January 1st, 2021, with the final version being published on the idgames archive on January 31st. It was followed by 3x3: Take Two later that year.


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