Aliens Doom 3 - Aliens versus Predator


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Aliens Doom 3: Aliens versus Predator is a modification for Doom which is sequel to AliensDM. It was created by Michael Gummelt and released on March 24, 1996.


Players play as Ripley, Hudson, Hicks, Vasquez, or the Doom marine as they battle Xenomorphs, Corporates (company soldiers), and Predators in a facility with the help of allied marines.

Weapons are the same as Aliens TC; the enemies are new. The mod was still in a beta version as of its release.


  • Over 20 variations of interactive beings including:
    • Spitters
    • Soldiers
    • Facehuggers
    • Eggs
    • Egglayers
    • Helper marines, with voice samples from the movie Aliens
    • Enemy marines
  • Four different protagonists with unique personality, look, weight, speed, hit points, and different starting weapons.
  • New textures
  • New sound effects
  • New weapons:
    • Double pistols
    • Flame thrower
    • Smart gun
    • Grenade launcher
    • Mine layer
    • Double barrel shotgun
  • New music

Cheat codes[edit]

New cheat codes are provided via the included DeHackEd patch.

Effect Code
God mode MIKEG
Reveal map MAPS
No clipping KITTYPRYDE
All weapons, keys, and ammo ISUCK
All weapons and ammo AMMO
Warp to level WARPTO

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