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Doom (2016) walkthroughs
Argent Facility

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Argent Facility, the fourth level of Doom (2016).



Shut down the Argent Tower
Disable the Argent filters (0/3)
Disable the Argent processor
Kill Olivia Pierce


Go through the door in front of you and turn left to find a plasma rifle and ammo, then go up the stairs and follow the path past a UAC Spokesperson to another airlock door; press the panel on your right to open the door and go outside, then turn left to see a gap in the fence and walk through it to drop to a ledge below. Jump across to the column in front of you and use the rock ledges next to it to reach the second floor of the column, then jump over to some metal bridges leading to the first rune trial of the game where you can obtain the Vacuum rune. After completing the trial, turn left and follow the path to a door which opens automatically, then turn left and follow the passage past some hanging corpses to find a dead soldier holding a rocket launcher. Head straight forward and go round the corner to a door leading outside, where you can practice using your new weapon on several imps and possessed soldiers followed by a Hell knight. Jump over the wall that the knight came over and turn left to see more imps along with possessed engineers, then head past them to find a gore nest that will release two waves of enemies; imps and a knight, followed by more of the same enemies along with soldiers. Once the nest is destroyed, head up the nearby slope to a door and walk through it, then turn left to find another door leading to the first Argent filter. There is a health station in this room as well if you need it.

After destroying the first filter, go back outside then turn left and head straight forward to a large sealed door; turn right at this point and follow the sandy path in front of you to a small door with a green light that you can walk through. Behind the door is a tall room with blue plasma pipes containing another gore nest which is protected by imps and Hell razers; after pulling out the nest's organ, turn left and use the boxes to climb up to a ledge with a Haste powerup that will give you an advantage over the various enemies that teleport in. Once the nest is destroyed, go through the door to its right to find another health station then turn left to see the second Argent filter in front of you next to another rocket launcher. After destroying the second filter, go back to the plasma room where you will be confronted by a summoner; this opponent calls in other enemies to fight alongside it and teleports frequently, so use the trail of red energy it leaves behind to identify its position.

Once the summoner and all its backup have been slain, cross the bridge that was behind the gore nest and head down some steps to a door leading back outside. Head straight forward and follow the sloped path up to a third gore nest guarded by a razer and soldiers; attacking the nest will cause razers, imps and knights to appear as well. Go up the slope near the nest to a door and pass through it, then turn left and follow the path to a second door which has the third and final Argent filter behind it. Once this filter has been destroyed, leave the room and turn right to enter a garage. Walk past the parked trucks and force open the door ahead, then turn left to go through another door leading to the fourth gore nest which is guarded by soldiers and razers; after attacking the nest, make sure to grab the Berserk powerup in front of you to slay the knight and summoner that appear. Head through the large doorway past the nest and turn right to find an airlock, cycle it then head through the next door to find the Argent processor. After destroying the processor, turn left and head into the next airlock then cycle it to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

The lever that opens the classic area is hidden next to datapad #1 (see the "Other items" section below), next to some barrels. After pulling it, continue to the next passage full of hanging corpses to find that a door in the right-hand wall has opened, and behind this door is the entrance area of Doom's E1M3: Toxin Refinery; there are no enemies to fight but the armor bonuses and stimpacks can be picked up if you need them.


Walk the Path
Interact with a rune trial stone.
The first trial stone of the game is on the main path, and is essentially unmissable.
Bird's Eye View
Acquire the automap for the Argent Facility.
To find the automap station, enter the plasma room just before the second Argent filter and look for some wall fans on the first floor. Go past these fans to find a door that must be forced open; the automap station will be in front of you along with a heavy assault rifle.
To Be Knighted
Perform two "Death from Above" glory kills on Hell knights.


After leaving the plasma room, immediately turn right to see a gap in the fence with a dark path behind it. Follow the path until you find an engineer and scientists guarding a super shotgun.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
UACguy Hell knight As you enter the garage next to the third Argent filter, you will see a hovering drone carry a crate down to the hallway near the first filter before dropping it on top of another crate. Climb on top of the newly-made stack then leap to the cabling above you; you will find UACguy on top of this cabling.
Stealthguy Rocket launcher As you ascend the slope leading to the third gore nest, look for an opening in the left-hand wall with a box inside it. Use this box to reach the level above you, which has an ammo crate and a narrow ventilation duct next to it. Walk carefully along the duct to a hidden area containing the Stealthguy.

Other items[edit]

Item How to find
Rune trial #1 Just past the circular column near the start of the level.
Datapad #1 (Environments - Argent Facility #2) From the first rune trial, turn left and follow the path until you see a step with a Mixom logo in front of you. Climb up it and look left to see the datapad.
Elite guard #1 After killing the first knight and climbing the wall it came over, turn left to see a rock column guarded by imps and engineers. To the left of this column is an opening in the wall; climb into it to find the elite guard.
Datapad #2 (UAC Personnel - VEGA #2) By the broken cargo lift opposite the door to the first Argent filter.
Argent cell After destroying the first Argent filter, go back outside and turn left then head forward until you reach a large sealed door, then turn right and follow the wall round to a smaller door leading into a cargo bay. If you look between the containers in front of you as you enter the room you may see a cell container behind them; walk round the large containers to reach the Argent cell.
Combat support drone #1 After killing the first knight and climbing the wall it came over, you may see a combat support drone fly away from you and head into an open door below. Head round the outside of the pit to a small door with a green light, then look right to see a ledge that you can jump over to; from here you can follow a hidden path down to the doorway and crouch under it to enter a room with turbines. Walk between two of the turbines on your left to find the drone.
Elite guard #2 From the first Argent filter, go back outside then turn left and head straight forward to a large sealed door; turn right at this point and follow the sandy path in front of you to a small door with a green light. Before reaching this door you will see a ledge on your right that you can jump to; do so then follow the path along a metal walkway until you encounter some imps. The elite guard is just past these enemies.
Datapad #3 (Monsters - Hell knight #2) At the second Argent filter, look left to see the datapad on a console next to an ammo crate.
Elite guard #3 After destroying the second gore nest, go up to the second floor of the plasma room and look for some steps near the broken walkway which lead up to a door. Go through the door then turn right and follow the walkway past some scientists and a razer to find the elite guard.
Combat support drone #2 From the third gore nest, there is a nearby crate you can climb on to reach an overhead walkway. Go through the door in front of you to enter a botanical laboratory containing scientists followed by more dangerous enemies; once everything is killed, go up the stairs and turn right to see the drone in front of you.
Datapad #4 (Monsters - Hell razer #2) On the console next to the second combat support drone.
Rune trial #2 From the third Argent filter, turn right to enter a garage with trucks. It is possible to climb on top of the left truck, where you will find the trial stone for the Dazed and Confused rune.
Elite guard #4 After walking through the large door past the fourth gore nest, look left to see an elite guard by some boxes.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start from the gore-filled hallway containing the classic level area and finish at the Argent processor room.


  1. Above the very first combat encounter; shoot it as soon as you see it to get a Super-Kill medal.
  2. Near the first gore nest
  3. Moving up and down near the broken walkway in the plasma core room.
  4. By the third gore nest.


  1. After clearing the first combat encounter a knight will smash down a flaming barricade. Go over that barricade to see a collectible floating over a pit in front of you; double-jump from your present location to grab it and land safely on a ledge below.
  2. The second collectible is between the two large blue pipes in the plasma room. Climb up to the broken walkway so you can jump to it.