BFG (Doom movie)


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"Big fucking gun..."
This article is about the weapon from the 2005 Doom movie. For the 2019 film version, see Doom: Annihilation weapons.

The BFG in the Doom movie is identified on a computer monitor as the Bio Force Gun version 3.14. This number is a reference to Commander Keen's IQ of 314, which is in turn a reference to the number pi. When it first appears, Sarge calls it a "big fucking gun." It has no apparent magazine, suggesting that it is recharged via a special energy storage system. The gun fires a blue (as opposed to the usual green) blast of plasma, which obliterates the target and burns away at the surrounding areas for several minutes. The subsequent flash of tracer damage associated with the BFG9000 does not appear to be present with this weapon: when it is fired at Reaper, he dodges the main blast and is either not attacked by any other energy, or is immune to that energy.