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Various Blasphemer items

Blasphemer is a project to create a free software/open source Heretic IWAD file. Combined with the free source code, this results in a complete Doom-based game. Blasphemer is intended to be the Heretic equivalent of Freedoom.

Blasphemer is still in development.


During the time of late 2008 to 2009, the development of Blasphemer was at its highest peak. Within a year, most of the assets were completely replaced and functional. Blasphemer's development state remains very low now, but assets are introduced to the project from time to time.

On October 2008, jute proposed the idea of a "FreeHeretic" IWAD project, while presenting some usable assets on this thread. The name was later changed to "Blasphemer".

On January 2009, jute released the first public release of Blasphemer as version 0.0.2 on this website (now obsolete). This release contains various textures, sprites and sounds with one map present.

In the next month, Blasphemer 0.0.3 was released, which had replaced all flats, many walls, the status bar, sounds (with more new sounds) and sprites.

Then on March 2009, Blasphemer 0.0.4 was released, containing various new maps, textures, sounds and sprites.

On June 2009, Blasphemer 0.1.0 was released, this version having all sprites and textures replaced. jute said that this version only needed enhancements to assets relevant to deathmatch, such as weapon sounds, ammo pickups, player death sounds and so on.

Then in September 2009, Blasphemer 0.1.1 was released, consisting of many fixes to sprites, maps, graphics, and sounds.

In October 2009, Blasphemer 0.1.2 was released. This version had the lump required for sourceports to recognise it as a potential IWAD and Episodes 4 and 5 were available to access ingame.

On February 2010, Blasphemer 0.1.3 was released, along with the announcement of a new website for hosting Blasphemer at Google Code (now obsolete).

Then after two years hiatus, Blasphemer 0.1.4 was released on February 2012. This version had many of assets mostly finished, but it still required better material, such as sounds, more sprites, weapons and so on.

In November 2012, Stilgar, one of the founding contributors, resigned from the project, passing it on to Blastfrog AKA Sodaholic. Unfortunately, Blastfrog seems to have stopped with the project also. Springy is now the current project manager.

On September 2015, the project migrated from Google Code to Github. This allowed contributors to easily submit potential assets for the project with little hassle.

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