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Boom Edit Example Wad, also known by its filename BOOMEDIT.WAD, is a level by Jim Flynn created as a demo of Boom's advanced level editing features. The WAD has very little in terms of gameplay (no monsters are present) but demonstrates the majority of Boom's extended functionality along with in-level signage indicating the linedef type number corresponding to each feature.

A similar map named MBFEDIT!.WAD was created by Len Pitre to demonstrate MBF's new features.

Demonstrated features[edit]

  • Static, displacement and accelerative floor and ceiling scrollers
  • Static, displacement and accelerative wall textures
  • Property transfer linedef types (including deep water and glass floor effects)
  • Silent teleporters (room over room effect)
  • Static limit removal (no visplane, 2 sided HOM or plat limit)
  • Multi-action switches
  • Door-activated lighting
  • Translucent walls (stained glass effect)
  • Custom colormaps
  • Extended door types (six key door)
  • Extended stair builders (including downwards-building stair builder)
  • Extended elevators (up, down, and "elevate here" buttons)
  • Extended teleporters (switch teleport)
  • Friction effects (ice and mud)
  • Point pushers (wind source)
  • Extended exits (shootable exit)

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