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The BrDoom home page as of 2021

BrDOOM is the first website representing the Brazilian Doom community and other Portuguese-speaking countries. It was created in the November of 2005 by Logan MTM as a way to foster a South American Doom modding scene. The best known WADs from BrDOOM were Logan MTM's Legacy of Suffering, Marcos Abenante (Sergeant Mark IV)'s Brutal Doom and NeoDoom by Daniel Lemos. However, internally the community created over 150 original mods for the game over the course of its original run.

Other than Doom and community related news, BrDoom also hosted community projects to further the community's engagement and learning, which came in weekly and monthly variants. Before being shut down, it was also home to websites dedicated to some of its more prolific members, such as Daniel.


In its original run, BrDoom hosted many forums dedicated to Classic Doom. Focus was given to the creation, editing and sharing of both community-made mods and international ones, though it had other discussion areas, including clans and even off-topic.


On April 1, 2011 the community decided to close its doors. The main reasons for this were the departures of bigger modders from the scene, as well as the toxic behaviour from some of its members. Brazil's economic landscape kept technology a little late in regards to the first world, which resulted in most Doom players being younger kids who didn't have access to better machines and newer games, which in turn resulted in a younger than expected demographic flocking to the forums. This made it very hard for the moderation team to keep things running smoothly, which often resulted in members being permanently banned from the forums.

In November 2011 the remaining moderators started sunsetting the website, with member Laete Meireles (Drak[X]) backing up its databases in hopes to preserve it. Finally, in December 2011 the site went offline.


After the release of Doom Eternal, some of the old community members got back in touch, which reignited their interest in the games and franchise, and brought about the decision to get the website up again. Community administrator Juliano Reis (DU0) was able to provide a backed up copy of the 2011 forum databases, which administrator Adalberto Barbosa (MegamanX3) was able to update and get online, officially returning the website with all of its original content preserved, though under a .org domain space.

The forums were also brought back, partially archived and then revamped. Aside from all the original content from 2005 to 2011, discussion areas are also provided for Classic Doom, Doom 64, Doom 3, Doom (2016), and Doom Eternal, as well as other games such as Doom RPG. The community came back with a heavy emphasis on modding and game development, though there is space for off-topic discussion.

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