Brian Vannatta (Stragenl)


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Brian Vannatta (alias Stragenl) is a deathmatch and deathtag level designer most known for creating the Danzig series in 1995 with frequent collaborator Brandon Weldon. His Igor and Danzig mapsets were included in the All-Time Best Doom Levels as early examples of well-balanced deathmatch-only levels that also focus on visual details. Brian's PWADs chronologically use incrementing map numbers that allow Igor (MAP01-10), Danzig (MAP11-20, MAP31-32), and Judas (MAP21-23) to all be included with the -file parameter for continuous play. Seven of his levels appear in the popular DWANGO deathmatch compilation WADs.

In 2000, without Brian's involvement, Brad Carney (Carnevil) converted judas22.wad from its original deathtag design to a new similar team multiplayer mode added in Skulltag. This version appears as map D2ST2 in Skulltag versions 0.95b to 0.96f.

Body of work[edit]