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{{Doom 4 weapons}}
{{Doom 4 weapons}}

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The burst rifle.

The Union Aerospace Corporation Precision Bolt Rifle, or burst rifle, is a weapon in Doom (2016) which is exclusive to multiplayer and SnapMap game play. It is a conventional selective-fire rifle, with the choice between a three-shot burst and semi-automatic firing modes. Semi-automatic mode also entails use of the weapon's sights for aiming. Its high accuracy suggests that the burst rifle may be the UAC's designated marksman rifle of choice. While in semi-automatic mode, the burst rifle utilizes magnum rounds to deal extra damage per bullet.

"A selective-fire battle rifle equipped with a reciprocating barrel assembly and 3-round burst mode."
SnapMap description


This weapon was referred to as the "repeater" in pre-release materials, beginning with the Bethesda E3 2015 presentation.


The weapon's primary and secondary fire functions similarly to the unused pistol of Doom Eternal.