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Capture the Flag is the name of a game played with two teams, each with one flag. Each team's goal is to take the other team's flag and bring it back to their own flag, scoring a point and returning both flags to their original positions. However, if you bring your opponent's flag back to your flag and your flag is missing, your flag must be returned in order to score. You drop a flag when killed, and when picked up, dropped flags return immediately to their appropriate flag stand.

Source port adaptation[edit]

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CTFDoom CTF[edit]

Doombot CTF[edit]

Zandronum CTF[edit]

In addition to the community standard, Zandronum also support CTF with three or four teams: Blue, Red, Green, and Gold. It also supports a variant in which there is only one "neutral" flag that needs to be captured by the opposing sides, instead of having each team protecting its own flag while trying to seize the flag of their enemies.

The editor number of the player start points for the green team is 5083, and 5084 for the gold team (5082 is not used). The spot for the neutral flag in one-flag mode has a number of 5132, while the green and gold teams have 5133 and 5134 respectively.

These values, as well as the names and colors of the teams, can be changed with a custom TEAMINFO lump.

ZDaemon CTF[edit]

ZDaemon also supports up to four teams in CTF, which are given the colors Blue, Red, Green, and White.

Odamex CTF[edit]

Main article: Odamex CTF

Sonic Robo Blast 2[edit]

Strife: Veteran Edition[edit]

Main article: Capture the Chalice

The Strife: Veteran Edition re-release implemented the originally planned but uncompleted Capture the Flag multiplayer mode, using items based on the offering chalice instead of a flag.

The CTF Standard[edit]

The modern CTF Standard is an informal agreement between various port authors that consists of a list of agreed-upon thing IDs for player starts and flags to use. It started as the result of a conversation between Lexi Mayfield (LexiMax) and Brad Carney (Carnevil), with a proposal by Carnevil to make CTF maps easier to make for Skulltag, seeing the explosion of popularity of CTF mapping in ZDaemon. From there, LexiMax convinced both Carnevil and the administration of ZDaemon to both implement what is now known as the CTF Standard. Since then it has been adopted by Odamex. Eternity plans to implement it in the future.

The standard thus far defines the following thing IDs:

  • Thing ID 5080: Blue Start
  • Thing ID 5081: Red Start
  • Thing ID 5130: Blue Flag
  • Thing ID 5131: Red Flag

When creating a CTF map, ensuring these thing IDs are in place will allow greater exposure of your map to users of all standard-supporting engines (engine-specific effects and level formats notwithstanding).