Christian B. Caldarone (The King Doom Experience)


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Christian B. Caldarone (2002)

Christian B. Caldarone (The King Doom Experience) from Europe, was the project leader and chief developer of many software tools and utilities around the Doom engine source ports and PWAD custom levels.

The most notable developments were the MyDoom Frontend, also known as the KDX - The King Doom Experience Frontend and UMS - The Universal Master Server, a core component to drive an online platform of hosted games.

In Addition to that, Christian was the driving force for the development of the ZenNode Frontend, the KDX-to-GSA GameSpy Arcade Gateway, the WAD Factory - an advanced GUI to the SLIGE random level generator, DoomCQ - an ICQ-like infrastructure for Doom online gaming and the GSA Doom Mod, a special modification to GameSpy Arcade (GSA) to add unofficial native support for JDoom, Doom Legacy and PrBoom to GSA.

In 2003, the year when Christian decided to retire from the King Doom Experience project to head towards new challenges in the industry, the project released a custom level compilation on 3 CD to appreciate his era.

The compilation was containing a snap shot of all levels for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen present in the idgames archive at the time. This compilation was entirely managed by the KDX Frontend, giving the user a hassle-free experience with all levels stored in databases for easy selection and play. The release of the King Doom Experience CD set has established new standards for Doom Level Compilations in 2003.

Software Developments[edit]

KDX - The King Doom Experience

  • Most advanced graphical user interface for managing Doom source ports and large sets of custom levels

UMS - The Universal Master Server

  • Server core component to run an infrastructure for Doom online gaming

KDX-to-GSA Gateway

  • Gateway daemon to allow KDX to be played through Game Spy Arcade

GSA Doom Mod (standalone)

  • A modification hack and launcher GUI for GameSpy Arcade, allowing other source ports than ZDoom


  • An ICQ-style client to meet online Doomers and set up games with them

The Server Reporter

  • A master server announcer app with launcher capabilities for dedicated Doom game servers

The ZenNode Frontend

  • A graphical user interface to the popular ZenNode command line tool

glBSP Batch Processor

  • A batch processor for implementing glBSP nodes into huge amounts of PWADs

The WAD Factory

  • An advanced GUI to SLIGE for generating random levels until certain conditions are met

CSDoom Server Launcher / Client Launcher

  • Interfaces allowing an easy setup of dedicated CSDoom servers / a client GUI to browse and join those servers