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Combinebobnt is a Doom level designer who contributed to a number of multiplayer community projects.

Body of work[edit]



  • Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition (Doomworld/idgames)
    • Project co-leader
    • SFDM01: Cougar Strike
    • SFDM03: Last Stand
    • SFDM05: Engine Tension
    • SFDM06: Timed and Slimed II
    • SFDM08: Boomtown
    • SFDM10: Marble Manslaughter
    • SFDM12: Speed Factory II
    • SFDM13: Rocket Limbo
    • SFDM15: Jadewar II
    • SFDM23: Phobos Phest II
    • SFDM26: Devil's Dance Class
    • SFDM29: Den of Various Large Explosions
    • SFDM31: I Forgot the IWAD
    • SFDM33: Old SFDM15
  • Push (Doomworld forums thread)
    • PUSH20: o no




  • Superfast Mapping: Domination Edition (Doomworld/idgames)
    • Project co-leader
    • SFDOM01: New Era
    • SFDOM04: Sucker Pump
    • SFDOM07: Alternate Reality
    • SFDOM08: Boomtown Domination
    • SFDOM10: Crimson
    • SFDOM12: Domination Factory
    • SFDOM15: Jadewar Domination
    • SFDOM20: Bunyan
    • SFDOM23: Phobos Domination
    • SFDOM24: Glory Kill
    • SFDOM29: Archplan
    • SFDOM32: Candy Island