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===Console versions===
===Console versions===
* ''Heretic''
* ''Heretic''
**[[Nintendo DS (Heretic)|Nintendo DS]]  
**[[Nintendo DS (Heretic)|Nintendo DS]] (1998)
* ''Hexen''
* ''Hexen''

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This page lists the Doom games and other games based on the Doom engine. See also Doom clones and Fan-made Doom games for imitations and spoofs, and sales for information about how much money the games have made.

Doom is one of the most widely ported computer games: starting with the original DOS version, it has been released officially for 7 computer operating systems and 8 different video game consoles (with unofficial source ports available for many others still).

Some of the ports are replications of the DOS version, while others differ considerably. Differences include modifications to creature design and game levels, while a number of ports offer levels that are not included in the original version (most notably the Sony PlayStation version, which incorporates Doom II monsters and other elements into levels based upon the original Doom).

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