Community Is Falling 3


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Community Is Falling 3 is a ZDoom megawad, released in 2008 by Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser). It recieved the Mockaward for best joke WAD at that year's Cacowards.

The plot centers around the 2006 leak of KDiZD's test build. A nameless protagonist, "The Hacker", must find the culprit while fending off the hordes of Doomworld and #zdoom, who each accuse the other of the crime, before the Doom community is torn apart. Characters and settings poke fun at forum drama, Doom 3 fans, and the state of the gaming industry.

Despite this silliness, the mod is considered a first-class technical achievement. ACS is heavily used to add engine features such as an inventory system, robust character dialogs, and improved monster AI. Presumably as a result of such labor-intensive efforts, the project took three years to complete and caused Kaiser (as stated in the readme) to swear off ZDoom modding thenceforth.


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