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Cover art is the artwork depicted on the cover of a product, including game boxes, CD and DVD jewel cases, and book covers. Every game in the Doom series has its own distinctive cover, as do the various other Doom engine games. The artwork for newer products is usually based on that from previous releases, especially if the newer article is related to the original in content. Each piece of art displays a picture or design, a logo, and various product information. Informational seals and icons are often required by law and will differ between a game's various localizations.


Doom merchandise cover art

Doom novels

Knee Deep In The Dead

The cover of the first Doom novel, Knee-Deep In The Dead, features the same painting that was used on the cover of the first Doom game.

The 2005 reprinting depicts the Doom 3 version of the Doom logo, with a horned monster, possibly a baron of Hell.

Hell On Earth

The cover of the second Doom novel, Hell On Earth, uses the same artwork as Doom II, with minor alterations. It includes the Doom logo instead of the Doom II logo and an added "Hell On Earth" caption.

The 2005 reprinting depicts the Doom 3 version of the Doom logo, with a pair of lost souls.

Infernal Sky

The cover of the third Doom novel, Infernal Sky, displays a person in a space suit, possibly Flynn Taggart, fighting monsters (which resemble lost souls and a mancubus) in space.

The 2005 reprinting features the Doom 3 version of the Doom logo and a mancubus.


The cover of the fourth Doom novel, Endgame, features a man, likely Flynn Taggart, shooting what appears to be an Arch-Vile from behind while being attacked by two snake-like creatures.

The 2005 reprinting depicts the Doom 3 version of the Doom logo, with a kneeling person reaching toward and looking upwards.


Doom 3: Maelstrom

The cover of the second Doom 3 novel, Doom 3: Maelstrom, depicts the Maledict in a blue hue along with the Doom 3 logo over it.


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Other Doom books

Doom comic

The Doom comic cover art displays its protagonist firing a chaingun at a former human, with corpses of dead monsters lying around.

Masters of Doom

The Masters of Doom cover features a highly pixelated heavy weapon dude in its firing pose with the player firing at it. The book's name and subtitle ("How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture") along with the author's name (David Kushner) are also on the cover.

The authorized Hungarian translation, A Doom legendája, depicts the Doom 3 Hell knight on a black (first volume) or white (second volume) background. The authorized Spanish edition, Maestros del Doom, shows pixel-art portraits of John Romero wielding an axe and John Carmack wielding a sword, with a cacodemon grinning behind them, using a screenshot with the iconic STARTAN walls in the background.

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Tabletop games

Doom: The Boardgame

The cover of Doom: The Boardgame is a modified version of the Doom 3 cover, with the "3" removed from the logo, the Fantasy Flight Games (the game's publisher) logo on display along with the additional "The Boardgame" subtitle under the modified Doom 3 logo.

Doom: The Boardgame Expansion Set

The Expansion Set cover displays the protagonist from Resurrection of Evil wielding the Doom 3 super shotgun and The Artifact. It also features the same logos and texts as the main Boardgame cover with the addition of the tagline "Expansion Set".

Doom: The Board Game

The cover of Doom: The Board Game shows the "Balgaar" Cyberdemon behind the flat white Doom (2016) logo.

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Doom films

Doom movie (2005) poster

The poster art of the Doom movie features first person perspective of a marine firing at a monster (possibly a hell knight), along with the movie version of the Doom logo.

Doom movie (2005) DVD

The cover art of the Doom movie region 1 DVD depicts three space marines (Destroyer, Sarge and Reaper) under the movie's angled version of the Doom logo.

The region 2 DVD displays an unknown monster on a steel door with a red version of the movie's altered Doom logo.

Doom: Annihilation

The cover art for Doom: Annihilation features the drooling face of a baron of Hell-like creature below the film logo.

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Compact Discs for Doom games

Pre-release versions

Floppy Disks for Doom games

Cover art from other games


The cover of Hacx depicts the game's protagonist fighting a robotic monster, possibly an android.



Strife's cover depicts the Sigil and the Strife logo.

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Other games media


  • The cover art of Doom II was parodied in the run and gun platform video game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in the episode selection screen.
  • In Doom 3, the player will eventually come across several tablets. One of these closely resembles the original Doom cover.

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