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DOOM-IT being used to browse the Master Levels list.

DOOM-IT is a frontend launcher program bundled with MS-DOS releases of the Master Levels for Doom II. Created by Chris Badger, the program presents a text-based user interface that can be used to browse through and launch the master levels. The UI presents various information about each WAD file, including which level(s) a WAD file replaces, and a preview of the associated text file with additional information about its contents.

The UI is also used for Maximum Doom, also included on the Master Levels CD; it performs a similar role of allowing users to browse through the collection and try different WAD files.


DOOM-IT allows various game options to be configured before launch.
  • Keyboard or mouse-driven text UI.
  • Allows launching single-player, model, serial or IPX network games.
  • Phone book feature for storing up to 10 phone numbers for dial-up play.
  • Multiple WADs can be selected to be loaded together, allowing levels to be combined with graphics and sound replacement WADs.
  • Quick search feature allows a favorite WAD to be jumped to by typing its filename.
  • Preview window shows the contents of WAD text files, with the ability to expand full-screen to read the full text file.