David Bernardi (Xsnake)

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David Bernardi (alias Xsnake) is a French Doom level designer who contributed to a number of multiplayer projects.

Body of work[edit]



  • ZDaemon Epic CTF (Map Pack 3) (Wad Archive (archived 🏛))
    • MAP01: Cold Sweats
    • MAP02: Zeldaemon Castle (with Fsn76)
    • MAP04: Buried in Snow (with franckFRAG)
    • MAP07: Unholy War
    • MAP08: Souls Cemetery (with franckFRAG)
    • MAP09: Temple of Lamentation
    • MAP10: The Endless Night
    • MAP14: Temple of Lamentation II (with Fsn76)
    • MAP20: The Endless Night II (with Fsn76)
    • MAP21: Kadesh
    • MAP22: Hazardous Pipes
    • MAP24: Indiana
    • MAP25: Grey Hysteria"
    • MAP26: Quaked Technologies
    • MAP28: Lethal Parallax
    • MAP29: Shinra Buildings
    • MAP30: The Endless Night III
  • Zombie Horde