Deep Into White Hell


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Deep Into White Hell is the second episode of Project Einherjar and a direct sequel to The Gaulheim Hit. It is much more difficult than the previous episode and introduces several new enemy types.


Several months after the death of Dr. Gaul, Juno wakes up in a dark room as the prisoner of Bloody Zira Vargstein, who thirsts to avenge her daughters. Through a remote television link she introduces Juno to "Blue Devil" Cassidy Veidt, the sadistic warden of Gaulheim's penal colony, White Hell, where Dr. Gaul sent her political prisoners. Veidt explains that she let Gaul use the isolated White Hell as a secret testing facility for the Einherjar; with no one else to claim the Project Einherjar materials, Veidt has assumed control of the project in the hope of profiting from international terrorism. In the meantime, the depraved warden wants to keep Juno as a pet at White Hell, where she will be at the grieving Zira's mercy. During the conversation, Veidt has one of Juno's subordinates -- previously kidnapped by Zira -- horrifically tortured to death in the next room. The angry Juno is then sedated and delivered to White Hell by truck.


Episode 2: Deep Into White Hell


Deep Into White Hell includes all of the common enemies from The Gaulheim Hit, plus several new additions:

Block Doc. Basically a Fratboy in riot armor. He starts off by firing morphine darts, but will switch to buckshot when injured. He drops the unimpressive Shit Creek Scattergun when killed, and is therefore not a reliable source of firepower.

Block Lord. A big, bald bruiser in riot armor who behaves like a Juggernaut with a triple-dart attack. Up close he beats Juno to a pulp with dual billy clubs.

Sky Hound. One-woman attack choppers that fire seeker missiles and shout at Juno through a megaphone. They appear frequently as mini-bosses or level hazards.

Ghost Guerrilla. Smaller, faster, and weaker form of the Einherjar armed with lasers. It flickers in and out of visibility and is very hard to hit.

Worg. Demonic black dogs that inhabit the underbelly of White Hell. They don't lunge like the Fenris, but their numbers are usually staggering, and the larger Worgs deal horrific damage with their bite.

Thor. An elite Einherjar boss in white armor. It moves twice as fast and attacks with rapid-fire lasers and Dessler rockets that kill in one hit.

"Blue Devil" Cassidy Veidt. Villain of Episode 2, warden of White Hell, and boss of Map13: Blue Devil. She fires at Juno with a powerful pair of revolvers. In combat Veidt is less dangerous than the other bosses, but her arena makes it difficult to see or maneuver. She appears briefly on Map12: Dormitory Sector, where she flees through a door just before locking Juno in her lab and unleashing several Einherjars.

Bloody Zira Vargstein. The hulking mother of the Vargstein Sisters. Encountered in the final map of Episode 2, she dual wields a heavy machine gun (which she fires while advancing) and a Dessler Frag Cannon.

Other notes[edit]

  • Several maps were taken from a canceled Doom project in an urban setting, which resulted in White Hell becoming more of a militarized city than a pure prison facility.