Delta Invasion


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Delta Invasion
Title screen
Authors Zalewa et al.
Port Skulltag
Year 2007
Link The Sentinel's Playground

Delta Invasion is a 14-level invasion mappack for Doom II and the Skulltag source port, created by a team led by Robert Zalewski (Zalewa) and first released on August 26, 2007. It is the sequel to Alpha Invasion, released early that same year, and contains maps by four authors, with Zalewa and Stuart Rynn (Forty-Two) once again mapping for the project from Alpha Invasion, and now also joined by Przemek Zimny (Alter) and UnTrustable. It would see a number of updates over the following years, with the last version, 3c, dating to September 14, 2009.

Delta Invasion also contains updated maps from Alpha Invasion, and both projects have remained among the most popular invasion mappacks on Skulltag and later Zandronum to date.


Custom monsters[edit]

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