Diego Antonio de Membiela Sánchez (drfrag)

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Diego Antonio de Membiela Sánchez, commonly known as drfrag/drfrag666 within the Doom and ZDoom communities and dondiego elsewhere, is a Spanish programmer and modder. A prolific programmer, Sánchez's work is mostly focused on source ports and derivatives of the ZDoom codebase.


In regards to Doom history, Sánchez has created numerous source ports:

Source ports

Other developments

Outside of his ports, Sánchez has worked on the following:

  • Romero's Heresy - An unofficial patch for Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders 1.3. It ports the Heretic levels to Doom II, so they can be played with Doom monsters and weapons. It is a tribute to John Romero.
  • Romero's Heresy II - A universal ZDoom replacer mod for Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders to play all Heretic levels with Doom and Heretic weapons and monsters. All Heretic monsters have been modified. Another tribute to John Romero.

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