Disc of Repulsion

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The Disc of Repulsion is an artifact from Hexen. When activated, it hurls nearby enemies and projectiles a safe distance away from the player, dealing a small amount of damage to any monsters that collide with a wall or other object, including another enemy. Monsters that collide with one another will start fighting as if they had been attacked.

Like other artifacts the Discs are stackable, and up to 25 may be carried at a time.


  • The Disc of Repulsion can be used to deflect incoming projectiles. Due to the upward angle of repulsed objects, the deflected projectile generally won't strike the creature that fired it.
  • Walking creatures harassing the player near a cliff can be flung over the edge to their deaths.
  • The Cleric can combine the Disc of Repulsion with a Flechette to make a projectile attack. Once the gas cloud appears, it can be launched at an enemy with the Disc.