Dog collar


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The dog collar is an item exclusive to the Doom RPG. It can be used on any species of the Hellhound class to capture them. The captured hound then functions as a (melee) "weapon" which can be selected like any other weapon, and dog's hit points are shown in places the ammunition counter normally is. If this "weapon" is active when the player is damaged, player is not damaged; instead, "ammunition counter" corresponding to the hound "weapon" is decremented by the damage amount (attacks do not spend this "ammunition"). When dog hit points reach zero, the player is unable to use it any more (but see below).


  • When the weapons (including a dog) are taken away from the player (as in Sector 3 (Doom RPG) and Sector 7 (Doom RPG)), and player uses a dog collar to capture a different kind of hound, he will have both kinds when he gets his weapons back (but their hit points are shared, and will not increase when weapons are returned).
  • In a similar situation (except the type of hound doesn't matter), one can let the newly-captured hound be killed by damage. When the player gets his weapon back, he will have a zero-hit-point dog which will pass through damage to the player, but remain usable. This is useful as Medkits to heal the player are much more plentiful than dog collars.