Doom: The Lost Episode


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Doom: The Lost Episode is a 9-level episode PWAD which aimed at creating a thematically consistent fifth episode for The Ultimate Doom with maps taken from the alpha, Jaguar Doom and PSX Doom and then "remastered". It was developed to be compatible with both ZDoom (and derivatives) and the Eternity Engine. To reinforce the "pseudo-official" aspect of the mod, an intermission map is provided (in ZDoom). The endgame graphics uses a vertical scroll like Heretic episode 3.

Although reception was mostly positive, the mod has been criticized for the weirdness of its "surreal space" theme and the use of Doom II elements (including the super shotgun and several of the monsters) in a Doom episode. It later inspired another mod, known as The Console Doom Integration WADs, which was designed to be more authentic in terms of the console maps. It acts as an additional "episode" to Doom II instead though.


The "lost episode" is entitled "Evil Unleashed" as an allusion to the Doom Bible.

Map Based on
E5M1: Logos Anomaly Doom v0.5 map 1
E5M2: The Infernal Palace MAP17: Hell Keep (Console Doom)
E5M3: Ominous Lair MAP15: Spawning Vats (Console Doom)
E5M4: Caroll St. Station Doom v0.4 E1M11
E5M5: The Mansion MAP58: The Mansion (PlayStation Doom)
E5M6: Twilight Descends MAP29: Twilight Descends (PlayStation Doom)
E5M7: Threshold of Pain MAP30: Threshold of Pain (PlayStation Doom)
E5M8: Redemption Denied MAP54: Redemption Denied (PlayStation Doom)
E5M9: The Marshes MAP57: The Marshes (PlayStation Doom)


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