Doom - A pokol kapui


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This article is about the novel. For the fan game, see Doom: Gates of Hell.
Front cover featuring Oleg Gontar in action.

Doom - A pokol kapui (English: Doom - The Gates of Hell) is the first of two unlicensed Doom novels written by Hungarian author András Gáspár, working under the pseudonym of Damien Forrestal due to the unauthorized nature of the books. Both books were published in Hungary in 1995 by Valhalla Lodge. The second book, Doom - Tisztítótűz, is a direct sequel.


"Milne századost rakéta tépi ízekre Algir óvárosában – egy órával később mégis útnak indul Rabatból, hogy levezényelje élete legfontosabb akcióját, mely a sivatagos Mars egy kráterfennsíkján várja. A cél: megtisztítani az UAC tudományos állomását az oda beférkőzött fegyencektől. A gond ott kezdődik, hogy elitkommandója mindössze egy főből áll, az ellenséges vezér pedig nem holmi kisstílű gengszter, hanem egy mániákus pap, aki a kozmosz legpusztítóbb erőinek parancsol…"
― Publisher's description
"A rocket tears apart Captain Milne in the old town of Algiers - an hour later he sets off from Rabat to oversee the most important actions of his life, which await in a crater in the Martian desert plateau. The goal is to clean up the prison break at the scientific bases of the UAC there. The problem is that his squadron of elite commandos is made up of only one person, and the chief enemy is not some small-time gangster, but a maniacal priest who commands the most destructive forces of the cosmos…"
― Rough translation


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.
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The giant Ukrainian powerhouse trooper Oleg Gontar, who possesses beneficial mutations inherited from his grandparents who survived the Chernobyl disaster, is paired up with the tactically brilliant but critically injured Captain A. A. Milne (named for the famous author) by having the man's consciousness uploaded into his own brain, creating a unique combination of brawn and brains. Together they are dispatched to a top-secret UAC research base on Mars where a disturbance has been reported. A maniacal priest Fuentes has broken out of imprisonment and obtained a mysterious alien object being researched at the base, known as the Mirror, which can make the thoughts of anyone nearby it into reality. Using the device, the priest has managed to unleash the forces of Hell.

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