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Doom 64: Absolution, commonly known as the Doom 64 TC, is a Total conversion created in 2003. It is based on material extracted from a Doom 64 ROM and the Doomsday engine. There are 38 levels: 32 based on the original layouts and 6 entirely new. The six new levels are Nukage Facility (MAP07), Forbidden Deeper (MAP27), Shadows Watching (MAP28), Crisis (MAP 34), Doom 64 Museum (MAP36) and Death Labs (MAP37)


  • Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal: levels; graphics; implementation
  • Elbryan42: music; graphics; sounds; organization
  • Melfice: levels
  • Ghostpilot: graphics
  • Footman: graphics
  • Fredrik Johansson: palette
  • Lutarez: levels
  • The_Doomer: levels

The Outcast Levels

In addition to the original levels, Kaiser released the Outcast mapset in 2005. The set included 6 maps, one of which is secret and 2 new demon keys, which enhanced the Unmaker in different ways. The green demon key, found only in the secret level, produces a bunch of small sparks which float up, levitating whatever is underneath it. The red demon key allows the player to use Hell Time, which is similar to the effect of the same name in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

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