Doom Classic (iOS)


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Doom Classic gameplay
See classic Doom for the collective range of id Tech 1 Doom games. For the PC and PS3 port, see Doom Classic.

Doom Classic is an iPhone/iPod touch port of Ultimate Doom developed by id Software. According to the development notes released by id, the port is based on PrBoom and uses OpenGL rendering with bilinear filtering and controls similar to the Wolfenstein 3D classic title. Since it is derived from a GPL codebase, the source code was made available. This port is bundled with a copy of the Ultimate DOOM WAD which matches the traditional version 1.9ud.

It was made available in the iPhone App Store on October 31, 2009.

On August 22, 2011 version 2.1 was released, with some changes:

  • Settings for tilt turn and tilt strafe are separated.
  • Auto use like in Quake is now defaulted to On.
  • Menu revisions.
  • Episode select menu.

On Octuber 29, 2013 version 2.7 was released, being compatibility with iOS 7 and newer the only official change listed. However, certain cosmetic mispelings in the artwork for the level select screen were fixed silently, such as Hanger instead of Hangar for E1M1 and Military Base instead of Fortress of Mystery for E2M9.


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