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Doom Classic Complete, released November 20, 2012, is a download package on the PlayStation Network and Steam containing The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels for Doom II, and Final Doom. It is sold for $14.99, £11.99 or €14.99 on PSN depending on the user's current location and for $14.99, £9.99 or 14.99€ on Steam.

Included games[edit]

The PSN release utilizes an engine similar to that used in Doom 3: BFG Edition, the IWADs have been modified (pill instead of red cross, Wolfenstein 3D elements censored), and the Master Levels are ordered in sequence to form a 21-level episode. The PSN release also includes No Rest for the Living, which is absent in the Steam release.

In the Steam release, the included games have unmodified data and run using their original DOS engines emulated in DOSBox.

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