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Doom Depot is a website, founded and hosted by Elbryan42 since 2001. It started off as a place to host the Playstation Doom soundtrack alongside other miscellaneous files relating to the Doom and Castlevania franchises, including custom WADs, wallpapers and other music and sound files. The site was originally hosted as part of before moving over to in 2004, where it has remained ever since.

The website was notable for being the original home of the Doom 64 Absolution TC project, which was organized through the website and saw its first release in 2003. Since then, it has become a resource of sorts for the game, hosting interviews with Tim Heydelaar and Randy Estrella, developers from Midway Games, and other information and resources about the game and its TC. The site's last update dates from 2013, announcing Aubrey Hodges's soundtracks being released on iTunes, as well as the release of Doom64 EX having superseded the TC's original scope and plan.

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