Doom Editing Utilities


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Doom Editing Utilities
DEU screenshot.png
Developer(s) Raphaël Quinet
Latest release 5.21 (1994-05-21, 28 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS, Linux
License GNU General Public License v1+
Website DEU - Doom Editing Utilities

Doom Editing Utilities (often referred to by the abbreviation DEU, and abbreviated DEUS by the ASCII art in the text files), is a DOS-based level editor created by Raphaël Quinet and Brendon Wyber. It was one of the first complete editors to be developed. The last version of DEU was version 5.21, released 21 May 1994 (although a beta version of version 5.3 was also released).

DEU is capable of many features, of which editing levels is only one. The initial interface to DEU is a command prompt, at which several commands can be typed to edit WAD files. Commands to edit or create new levels open up the level editor.

DEU did not support Doom II, however an unofficial copy called "DEU 2" added support.

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