Doom II music


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Level Midi Name Based on
MAP01 d_runnin Running From Evil Megadeth "Hangar 18"
MAP02 d_stalks The Healer Stalks -
MAP03 d_countd Countdown To Death -
MAP04 d_betwee Between Levels -
MAP05 d_doom DOOM -
MAP06 d_the_da In The Dark -
MAP07 d_shawn Shawn's Got The Shotgun Slayer "South Of Heaven"
MAP08 d_ddtblu The Dave D. Taylor Blues -
MAP09 d_in_cit Into Sandy's City -
MAP10 d_dead The Demon's Dead Black Sabbath "After All (The Dead)"
MAP11 - The Healer Stalks -
MAP12 - In The Dark -
MAP13 - DOOM -
MAP14 - The Dave D. Taylor Blues -
MAP15 - Running from Evil -
MAP16 - The Demon's Dead -
MAP17 - The Healer Stalks -
MAP18 d_romero Waiting For Romero To Play Pantera "This Love"
MAP19 - Shawn's Got The Shotgun -
MAP20 d_messag Message For The Archvile -
MAP21 - Countdown to Death -
MAP22 - The Dave D. Taylor blues -
MAP23 d_ampie Bye Bye American Pie Alice in Chains "Them Bones"
MAP24 - In the Dark -
MAP25 d_adrian Adrian's Asleep Alice in Chains "Angry Chair"
MAP26 - Message For The Archvile -
MAP27 - Waiting For Romero To Play -
MAP28 d_tense Getting Too Tense -
MAP29 - Shawn's Got The Shotgun -
MAP30 d_openin Opening To Hell -
MAP31 d_evil Evil Incarnate Wolfenstein 3D music
MAP32 d_ultima The Ultimate Challenge/The Ultimate Conquest Wolfenstein 3D music
Title Music d_dm2ttl - -
Intermission Music d_dm2int - -
Endgame Music d_read_m - -


Plutonia uses music from both Doom and Doom 2.

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