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This article is a list of technical identification information for files included with Doom and other related games.

Game file identification

The following tables show the MD5 sums for different versions of the game files.

DOOM games

Game Version Distribution
MD5 Sums Release date
Doom 1.0 Shareware 2d9fc43f9d6643b90dff343526ee1d0e 90facab21eede7981be10790e3f82da2 December 10, 1993
Doom 1.1 Shareware ea2da17c78166ab40d927941e7a4d721 52cbc8882f445573ce421fa5453513c1 December 16, 1993
Doom 1.1 Registered fd019c8c8c99bde3b6bc143517a21afc 981b03e6d1dc033301aa3095acc437ce
Doom 1.2 Shareware a0c16b033bb72d8d2c72581772ecf932 30aa5beb9e5ebfbbe1e1765561c08f38 February 17, 1994
Doom 1.2 Registered 3f9591955116ed548f2e331586e8d816 792fd1fea023d61210857089a7c1e351
Doom 1.4 Shareware Beta d0ef10e769bdcab5b07969f6746a6cb4 a21ae40c388cb6f2c3cc1b95589ee693 June 28, 1994
Doom 1.5 Shareware Beta a48b33500a427ede28babb5be9ee7e34 e280233d533dcc28c1acd6ccdc7742d4 July 8, 1994
Doom 1.6 Shareware Beta de71aaae3202719a18ab77ab853e0e7d 762fd6d4b960d4b759730f01387a50a1 August 3, 1994
Doom 1.666 Registered be2d05789beb3b56692a2ccd83f8c510 54978d12de87f162b9bcc011676cb3c0 September 1, 1994
Doom 1.8 Shareware b2d429377b0912475f1770d0e03f632d 5f4eb849b1af12887dec04a2a12e5e62 January 23, 1995
Doom 1.8 Registered 11e1cd216801ea2657723abc86ecb01f
Doom 1.9 Shareware e2382b7dc47ae2433d26b6e6bc312999 f0cefca49926d00903cf57551d901abe February 2, 1995
Doom 1.9 Registered 1cd63c5ddff1bf8ce844237f580e9cf3
The Ultimate Doom 1.9 Retail 742a5f9953871687341e3794468894d8 c4fe9fd920207691a9f493668e0a2083 May 25, 1995

DOOM II games

Game Version MD5 Sums Release date
Doom II 1.666 22e3fc7854f030df977d26faf1e342be 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f August 29, 1994
Doom II 1.666 (German) d9153ced9fd5b898b36cc5844e35b520
Doom II 1.7 ef9a1f197d56a174097a2af3ccdd7403 ea74a47a791fdef2e9f2ea8b8a9da13b September 21, 1994
Doom II 1.7a 3de58b8f768e990856764df982ad5043 d7a07e5d3f4625074312bc299d7ed33f October 18, 1994
Doom II 1.8 b2d429377b0912475f1770d0e03f632d c236745bb01d89bbb866c8fed81b6f8c January 23, 1995
Doom II 1.9 e2382b7dc47ae2433d26b6e6bc312999 25e1459ca71d321525f84628f45ca8cd February 2, 1995
Final Doom (The Plutonia Experiment) 1.9 f006de4fd282ba61d7d0af41a993f9ba 75c8cf89566741fa9d22447604053bd7 June 10, 1995
Final Doom (TNT: Evilution) 1.9 4e158d9953c79ccf97bd0663244cc6b6

Raven Software games using a modified Doom engine

Game Version Distribution
MD5 Sums Release date
Heretic 1.0 Registered a4673989b453257501821d920ceb3e2a 3117e399cdb4298eaa3941625f4b2923 December 24, 1994
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders 1.3 Registered 8f7b6ba0ca9f78f5f9004a3ec946acd1 66d686b1ed6d35ff103f15dbd30e0341 March 22, 1996 (?)
Hexen 1.0 Retail 08f08cad60c899cdce784c3adf6c5a6a b2543a03521365261d0a0f74d5dd90f0 October 14, 1995
Hexen 1.1 Retail 713319e8adbc34bca8e06dbaff96f86c abb033caf81e26f12a2103e1fa25453f
Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel 1.1 Retail 78d5898e99e220e4de64edaa0e479593

Beta distributions

Game Version Distribution
MD5 Sums Release date
Doom 0.2 Alpha 1e92885d22f765b26b8fa4c6bf90d330 740901119ba2953e3c7f3764eca6e128 February 4, 1993
Doom 0.4 Alpha 892c9f4e93ecff4a0408a5963c99e04e b6afa12a8b22e2726a8ff5bd249223de April 2, 1993
Doom 0.5 Alpha 919cb0b5e144244e4798d64202513a2e 9c877480b8ef33b7074f1f0c07ed6487 May 22, 1993
Doom Pre Relase Beta Press release beta 55b754a018002e4cf970c98dd768a663 049e32f18d9c9529630366cfc72726ea October 4, 1993

Distribution media identification

The following table shows the MD5 sums for ISO images of distribution CD-ROMs.

Game Version MD5 Sum Mastering ring code Mastering SID code Mould SID code Toolstamp
The Ultimate Doom 1.9 81daa6ad484df25d792fb2cfc199f2c7
Doom II 1.666 05b6cc4c33da31d0e947f67d36a3c7f6
Final Doom 1.9 1aacdba802aec69eda63e5472e29192f
Master Levels for Doom II 1.9 8390d333aee074571811dcdc5d602935 IFPI 8101
Ultimate Doom Trilogy: Collector's Edition 1.9 c4b2083e86749f40bc84cc272af20f30


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