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Concept art of the Doomhunter

The Doomhunter is a new monster which first occurs in Doom Eternal. It is a half-demon, half-mechanical monstrosity, reminiscent of Sabaoth, armed with multiple weapons, including a large cannon, a dual-bladed chainsaw, two forward-facing guns which likely fire plasma projectiles, and a multiple-launch missile system. It hovers and moves via jets that fire below and behind it. It has been referred to as an "arch-nemesis" of the Doom Slayer by id Software. Voice-over from a mysterious antagonist indicates that the Doomhunter was designed by a force outside of Hell itself and that it serves this different, albeit seemingly aligned, force.


Though displayed as a concept render with a "final/refinement" designation during the QuakeCon 2018 game play presentation, the monster was not seen in action at that time. During the QuakeCon 2019 keynote, id Software showcased a teaser of the Doomhunter in game play, revealing it to be being able to use an energy shield to protect its upper half from attack, as well as displaying various facets of its attacks and behaviors in brief, including an ability to smash through obstacles in its path and fire a missile barrage.