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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #doomwiki.

#doomwiki is a semi-official IRC channel for discussion relating to the Doom Wiki itself. It is located on the OFTC network.


#doomwiki was spun off from #doom-tech shortly after the launch of the migrated Doom Wiki in September 2011. The latter was the de facto channel for wiki-related issues, but following the relaunch, the wiki became a sufficiently popular topic to warrant its own channel.

Usage policy[edit]

#doomwiki is not used for making policy decisions as not all editors are present on IRC all the time. Instead the channel is used for handling small items of administrativa, or just getting questions answered more quickly than waiting for a reply on a talk page.

Wiki administrators are granted channel operator status if desired (a NickServ account is needed to preserve this across sessions).

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