Double barrel shotgun (Doom 3)


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Like the Doom II's adition weapon in Classic Doom, The Double-Barreled Shotgun, also known as the Super Shotgun, is a weapon introduced to Doom 3 by the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack.

The Super Shotgun has nearly equivalent strengths and weaknesses as it's classic Doom namesake, since it's a sort of remake of that weapon, it has the same tactical value.

The diferences between the super shotgun and the regular one are mainly that the super shotgun (as it's nickname implies) is more effective and can cause more damage. Other significant difference it only holds two shells at one time (enough for one shot from the weapon) but reloads quicker than the standard shotgun. As at name implies, it uses the same kind of ammuntion as the shotgun, shotgun shells.

It can only be found in Sarge’s office, since he used it for hunting and didn't carried it along with other weapons.

The best way to kill the Berserker is with the Super Shotgun: it takes less than 4 shots.

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