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==External links==
==External links==
* [http://www.doom2.net/compet-n/database/cn.cgi?map:udoom:35 E3M5 demos from the Compet-N database]
* [http://www.doom2.net/~compet-n/database/cn.cgi?map:udoom:35 E3M5 demos from the Compet-N database]
[[Category:Levels by name|Unholy Cathedral (Doom)]]
[[Category:Levels by name|Unholy Cathedral (Doom)]]
[[Category:Sandy Petersen levels]]
[[Category:Sandy Petersen levels]]

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This level occupies the map slot E3M5. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E3M5.

E3M5: Unholy Cathedral is the fifth map of Inferno in Doom. An early version of it is the third map of the Doom press release beta. It uses the music track "Demons on the Prey." The par time is 1:30.




Map of E3M5


  1. In the starting area, take the door on the far left. Open the wall on the left in the following room to get a pair of light amps.
  2. On the west side of the map is a wide corridor lined with a series of red brick columns. There is a door on the west wall; continue through to reach a not-so-secret area with a soul sphere and plasma rifle.
  3. In the northwest of the map there is a bright red room with damaging floors. On one of the walls here is a pair of blue symbols. Open the section of wall between them to get a radsuit.
  4. Take the teleporter in the aforementioned red room. You'll be taken to the center of the courtyard. The southern of the four structures surrounding the center teleport will have opened, and contains a yellow skull key.
  5. With your newly acquired yellow key, make your way to the east end of the courtyard. There is some glowing red "writing" high on the wall. Open the wall below and slightly to the right of the symbols to get a chainsaw and another soul sphere. To exit the courtyard, take the teleporter in the northwest.
  6. From the room you end up in after exiting the courtyard, go through either door, then the door next to it on the other side. Walk through this teleporter and you'll be taken to the courtyard center again. The structure north of the central teleport will open up; inside are some goodies.
  7. In the north of the map is a corridor shaped like an upside-down "U". Search the outer walls on the western side of this corridor. One of them will open, leading to a secret area overlooking the bright red room from earlier.
  8. At the north end of the map is a red brick room with four crushers guarding switches (the blue skull key is in this room as well). Press the switch in the southeast crusher and three alcoves will open on each side of the room. The one containing a rocket launcher (the middle one on the east side) counts as a secret.
  9. Go through the teleporter in the southeastern corner of the courtyard from one of the doors inside the building (i.e. not from the courtyard itself). Like secrets 4 and 6, one of the structures surrounding the central teleport will open up; its inside counts as a secret.
  10. Same as secret 9, but use the southwestern teleporter. Again, you must enter from inside the building rather than the courtyard.


Routes and tricks


The Compet-N records for the map are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed 00:24 Adam Hegyi 1999-09-07 e3m5-024.zip
NM speed 00:25 Adam Hegyi 1999-07-04 n3m5-025.zip
UV max 03:08 Radek Pecka 2001-11-30 e3m5-308.zip
NM100S 01:39 Adam Hegyi 2001-06-29 n3s5-139.zip
UV -fast 04:27 Radek Pecka 2001-12-01 f3m5-427.zip
UV -respawn 02:44 Radek Pecka 2001-11-30 r3m5-244.zip
UV Tyson 03:52 Xit Vono 2003-04-08 t3m5-352.zip
UV pacifist 00:24 Adam Hegyi 1999-09-07 e3m5-024.zip


Map data

Things 291
Vertices 1222
Linedefs 1416
Sidedefs 1846
Sectors 268


Monsters ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Spectres 0 2 2
Imps 22 29 35
Demons 14 25 33
Barons of Hell 0 0 5
Cacodemons 2 7 6
Lost Souls 5 11 13
Powerups ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Stim packs 19 19 19
Medikits 14 14 14
Soul spheres 2 2 2
Health bonuses 25 25 25
Armor bonuses 4 4 4
Invulnerabilities 1 1 1
Berserks 1 1 1
Invisibilities 1 1 1
Radiation suits 1 1 1
Light goggles 1 1 1
Weapons ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Shotguns 1 1 1
Chainguns 1 1 1
Rocket launchers 1 1 1
Plasma guns 1 1 1
Chainsaws 1 1 1
BFG 9000s 1 1 1
Ammunition ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Bulk Cells 2 2 2
Ammo clips 13 13 13
Shells 10 10 10
Rockets 4 4 4
Rocket boxes 2 2 2
Energy cells 2 2 2
Ammo boxes 6 6 6
Shell boxes 4 4 4
Yellow skulls 1 1 1
Blue skulls 1 1 1

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