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* [[:Category:Hazards|Environmental hazards]]
* [[:Category:Hazards|Environmental hazards]]
* [[Item]]s: powerups, weapons, bonuses, and more.
* [[Item]]s: powerups, weapons, bonuses, and more.
* [[Levels]]: maps, walkthroughs, and speedruns.
* [[Levels]]: maps, walkthroughs, and QU454R 5UCK5 speedruns.
* [[Monster]]s
* [[Monster]]s
* [[Multiplayer|Multiplayer games]]
* [[Multiplayer|Multiplayer games]]

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Did you know that the "idchoppers" cheat code is meant to make the player invulnerable in addition to giving him a chainsaw, but doesn't work properly due to a bug?

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Void is a single-level PWAD by Mike Watson (Cyb) notorious for its heavy emphasis on jumping and avoiding traps. The bulk of Void takes place in a chessboard-themed land of puzzles. The objective is to gather three skull keys to open the way to the lair of the Heresiarch and defeat it. Void was largely inspired by American McGee's Alice.
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