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* [[Doom 3]], [[Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil|Resurrection of Evil]], [[Doom 3: BFG Edition|BFG Edition]], [[The Lost Mission]]
* [[Doom 3]], [[Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil|Resurrection of Evil]], [[Doom 3: BFG Edition|BFG Edition]], [[The Lost Mission]]
* [[Doom (2016)]], [[Doom VFR]]
* [[Doom (2016)]], [[Doom VFR]]
* [[Doom Eternal]]; [[The Ancient Gods, Part One]]
* [[Doom Eternal]]; [[The Ancient Gods, Part One]]; [[The Ancient Gods, Part Two]]

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Did you know that Doom's automap was originally intended to include a minigame as an Easter egg?

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Icarus: Alien Vanguard

Icarus: Alien Vanguard is a 32-level megawad released on March 21, 1996 by TeamTNT. It was developed as the collective's first freeware release, after TNT: Evilution was picked up for publishing by id Software for what would become Final Doom. The first level sees the player commandeering a shuttle and flying it to the infested exploration cruiser, the Icarus. From there, the player must fight through the ship, regions of the neighboring planet, and unsafe simulations to cleanse the demonic threat.
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