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* [[Strife]], [[Strife: Veteran Edition|Veteran Edition]]
* [[Strife]], [[Strife: Veteran Edition|Veteran Edition]]
* [[Chex Quest]], [[Chex Quest 2]], [[Chex Quest 3]]
* [[Chex Quest]], [[Chex Quest 2]], [[Chex Quest 3]]
* [[The Lost Episodes of Doom]], [[Hell To Pay]], [[Perdition's Gate]]
* [[Hacx]], [[Harmony]], [[Urban Brawl]]
* [[Hacx]], [[Harmony]], [[Urban Brawl]]
* [[Freedoom]], [[Blasphemer]], [[Zauberer]]
* [[Freedoom]], [[Blasphemer]], [[Zauberer]]

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Did you know that, in Doom versions up to 1.1, it was possible to run the game on three monitors at once, giving a 270-degree field of vision?

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The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity, or Trinity College, is a single-level PWAD designed by Steve McCrea, Simon Wall, and Elias Papavassilopoulos. As part of their 10 Years of Doom feature, Doomworld named it one of the ten best WADs of 1994.

This map uses a large number of custom textures to create striking "photorealistic" buildings and courtyards, modeled on the real Trinity College in Cambridge, England. It also features an original animation sequence and a replacement music track, which is a partial rendition of "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Trinity was originally released on August 22, 1994 (as "trinity.wad"). A second version ("trinity2.wad") was issued September 4, 1994 to fix a bug involving texture patches.
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